Our Services

We specialize in analyzing the context and the operational environment of a target product or service to assess its viability, popularity and sustainability.  To do this we apply a user-centric analysis of the product or service.

The whole point behind such “brain work” is to make sure that the final product or service avoids suffering from a mismatch between itself and its target market!  This avoids undue cost and effort – (for example), by launching a niche product / service into a mass-market or entering a market with an immature or unstable proposition.

At the same time, we collaborate with stake-holders and particularly end-users whenever we can, to introduce uplifting freshness into the solution.

This is all about nourishing an idea with useful innovation – the Sure-sugar way!

Working with Sure-Sugar means recognizing how to tune the product or service parameters that optimize the chances of project success!


For a no-obligations discussion, please contact us and let’s find out together how we can make things better – or even make things to make things better!! :)