The Story & The Actors…

Have you read the Intro? :-)

The Actors…  / Who it’s for…

We dedicate this App to the type of person who:

  • has a million-and-one ideas zooming through their minds daily?
  • wakes up in the middle of the night, head brimming with great ideas that will make the next day just absolutely brilliant?
  • would like to write things down – but worry that your writing could get lost, fall into the wrong hands, be forgotten somewhere or accidentally damaged?
  • Likes the “old-fashioned” idea of keeping diaries and journals – but wants to use modern technology and all the benefits it provides for “word-smithing”, search, retrieve, link and share -(if and when you want to).
  • needs to write things down to be able to make sense of things and get a persepctive on life and direction?
  • needs to write things down to keep their mind clear
  • has terrible handwriting and it’s always a struggle to read things they wrote earlier – worse, if they wrote it down in the dark?
  • hates carrying paper around?
  • Only write down thoughts about special events  and want a special place to collect and cherish these writings?
  • Want to organise their writing around personal as well as professional themes and experiences – but keep them in seperate structures?

The Inspiration…

Here’s a question: Samuel Pepyes, Anne Frank, or Adrian Mole, which is the odd one out?

The good news is, there are at least 3 right answers – depending on whether you’re picking a male, a female, or an imaginary character…  What they have in common is in in fact, far more interesting to us…  They all kept a log, a journal, a diary if you will – of their daily lives and the observations, insights, feelings and the emotions it induced!

Here’s another question:  If we could give them a bunch of sounds – to associate with their happiness, worry, progress, achievements, loss, hope and so forth, how would their different lives sound if we played their diaries back as extracts or even the complete collection of sound files back?

How would their “life-streams” sound to them? to their friends and families? to us? to future generations?

We’re proud to offer you an App – to help you do just the same – using your smartphone or tablet.  (Synching between devices of the same operating system is part of the package!).

But that’s not all.  Whether you’re counting calories, counting sheep, objectives, books-read or pound coins, whether you’re trekking or trucking, whether you’re going-in, going-under or going over-the-top. we want to let you dictate (it is a smart phone after all), or write down your thoughts of the day – illustrate them with you’re awesome pictures and movies that you took especially for the geo-tagged occasion.

We want to help you capture those emotions as you live your life – then we want to be able to give you the chance to be able to comfortably sit back, (erm, one of these days….), search-through, relax and indulge in some nostalgia, (yeah, right!) – by clicking and swiping away though your journal.  Or just sit back and enjoy the melodies, the tunes, the tones, the music you’re making, in other words, the sound of your life – playing back to you – capturing the highs, maybe the very highs as well as the lows!

We think this angle is so fresh, it’s almost music to the ears…  (We know the US Patent office is listening).

You’re unique, and so are your private thoughts – that means your diaries and journals are uniquely you – privacy matters to us as much as it does to you.  Your diaries are just for you – unless you want to offer someone a peek – just like you might do with a paper based diary – that’s up to you….

But since life has a habit of making us all wince, smile, laugh and sometimes even cry…  If we could put our lifestreams on graphs and metrics, could we share them to help us meet like minded people, find stronger friendships, inspiring team mates, healers and support when we’re low – cheerleaders and fans – when we accomplish something great?

Could we look back over a week, a month, a year and spot habits and trends that tell us things are not as bad as they seem?  or not as good as they look? could we start coaching ourselves – using our own logs to get better at the things we want to improve?  Avoid the things that screw us up?  Could we then be much happier – make our lives resonate to a different beat?

While we’re pretty sure about the first part, the 2nd part has got to be a work of progress – and you’re invited to contribute to the masterpiece…

Read more on the key-features.

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