Key Features & Benefits

Key Features & Benefits

This App is for allowing users to record daily notes about events or experiences in their life.

Rather than keep and carry a paper based version of their Journal, users can opt to keep a digital version with all the benefits that this confers in terms of convenience, capacity portability and access. It also means that users are not constrained by having to buy, organise, physically store and make use of a different journal on an annual basis.

The App also provides some protection from worrying about transporting and securing the Journal, but also against natural wear and tear that a paper-based journal will suffer in everyday use.

Paper based journals are also linked to inherent risks that an App version is not.  Therefore the App provides user benefits such as considerable reassurance against a journal being lost, forgotten, left behind or even stolen.

The above benefits are true of all Digital based Journals – what is required is differentiation for the Sure-Sugar Journal App from other versions currently available.

To this end, we propose building the App to also offer animation and sound interactions. This will allow a user to append an icon from a menu to a piece of text. The icon is visual short hand code to summarise the emotion of the day. In addition we propose that swiping over the icon can trigger a sound or melody.  Maybe one day, we can have this configured by the user from a preselected sounds or uploaded sound files – to make the App even more personal.

The App will offer a dashboard that can be set against a time-scale of weeks, months or years. The dashboard then summarises the icons used and how often – yielding an “emotion graph” over time. The User can view multiple emotion-graphs to compare their emotional-map over different weeks, months, or even years.

We would also like to offer this emotion-graph in acoustic format by summing all the sounds attached to entries over the period and playing it as a single composition.

(Sense check:  Average of 3 seconds per sound file – assume user appends 3 files per day – would mean an average of about 10 seconds per day or 3650 seconds for an annual summary – equivalent to about an hour’s worth of sound!).   An novel way to “record” a year of life’s emotions!).

The user will also benefit from being able to auto-search the contents of their Journal as opposed to relying on a manual method (like finding the right journal, then the right page etc. by leafing through the pages….) – as is the case with traditional Journals and / or diaries.

We are considering whether the current or future versions of the App will have a social network link that can enable the user to share and compare their emotional graph over a period with their connections. That will probably mean people can connect in a new and emotionally signifact level !!

For completeness, we are proposing that the App offers print out functionality of the Journal over a time-scale – so that for the die-hard doodlers, a paper version is also available.  Though this feature will unlikely to be available as part of the first release.

Furthermore the capability to append photos and videos will also be available – also with geo-tagging.

That should be all for starters … But we expect a pipeline of good ideas to feed regularly into improving the App!

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