Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Just tell me quick, what does it do?

    • Specifically, It does 4 things. First you type in or dictate a diary entry – illustrate it and make it richer with a camera photo or video. To make things real lively and be able to use the other 3 things – add a few emoticons to represent the moods and emotions you’ve experienced for the day. Then you get to play the sound stream your emotions make over a time period.  That’s the “Sound of your day or whatever…” Collect a few of those and you can then start to see the trends that you’re repeating in life – Happy with that? It’s up to you to decide…  Want to look back and make sense of the bigger picture?  – Use the search function and get a highlighted hit list of the desired search term over the range of personal diaries and professional journals that you can set up. That helps you remember and check on the value of what you wrote down – be that so&so’s name from the November progress meeting, to how many chocolate eggs grandma bragged about sucking last Easter! :-)  Above all, you get to replay the emotions that were tied to those moments in time.

  1. I survived that, can you tell me a little more?
  • As far as we can tell, this is the only diary App which is emotionally “smart” – so you can record and playback emotional summaries over a time-period. Of course it also records your writings, pictures and videos.  The thing though, is to make some lifestyle kind of decisions once you start to get the big picture…  Hopefully this will help enhance your self-understanding, satisfaction and all that sort of good stuff… 
  • For those readers that really like their nitty-gritty, all the stuff above is currently under provisional patent with the US Patent & Trademark Office…
  1. Is anybody famous using this App? 

    • Nobody’s ‘fessed’ up yet – but we sure want to hear about it if they do! Remember, this App is for celebrities and stars, as well as for the common folk!

  1. How do I use this thing?

    • Its simple.  Launch the App, login, navigate to “Diary” button on the App’s home page – click …  See the white space just above the smiley icon?? touch that and the phone’s keyboard appears – then just go ahead and type to your heart’s content. If the entry requires special illustration, Add picture or a video by clicking on the camera button. Add a location if you are making an entry for a great vacation. If you feel a certain emotion, add it from our smiley/emoticon collections.  Our collection of smileys / emoticons – have been especially designed for you! You can also watch the demo video on our website or on the Facebook page for this App.

  1. I don’t like typing – can I still use this App?

    • Sure thing! Go ahead and use your Siri (microphone icon) on you Apple Device – or voice dictation on your Android box -of-tricks.  You can “speak” your diary entries – also on the go! Just make sure the voice software really understands what you’re saying… Once in a while we had some amusing misunderstandings – when we tried this out!

  1. Is it safe and secure?

    • As long as you understand the likes of *** are snooping on any and potentially all data communication on the web – apparently to keep the world safe, then yes. This App is built to stop normal and even somewhat abnormal people trying to read and look at your stuff without you knowing about it.  Remember though to keep your password private – privacy locks don’t work if you leave the “keys” hanging around…

  1. Is it free?

    • There’s a free version that has all the basic functionality and logic. However, there is a limitation on the search functionality to only the past 7 days. There’s the paid App that has unlimited search and has a lot of other cool features that are coming. If you start with the free version and later move to the paid version, all your diaries and their entries are carried over to the paid version as long as you login with same email id.   By the way – both versions of the App are Ad free…

  1. Can I get it on iPhone?

    • Yes! & Thanks for a nice easy question! :-)

  1. Can I get it for my Android device?

    • Yes! & Thank you as well for a nice easy question! :-)

  1. Does the App show Adverts?

    • Nope. = No = Non = Nein = No …

  1. Is it power-intensive – will it drain my Battery?

    • No.  We designed the App so that it either doesn’t touch the geo-tagging location features or only access them – if you make use of that feature for a very brief fraction of a second.  This App is not the kind of App that draws on the GPS function of your phone all day long – causing it to drain your battery real quick…

  1. Does it work for Tablets

    • Yes!  With the iphone & iPad you get a combo deal.  Meaning the same account can be accessed from the same device and be synced within seconds… Well, if you have a decent internet connection that is…

  1. Can I synch between Phone & Tablet?

    • Yes , it can work across iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets. You can have an iPhone and a Android tablet and you can still sync data across both. We designed it to be device agnostic – just remember to use the same login ID.

  1. Can I use it on my phone and on my Tablet?

    • At the same time you mean?  Yes, of course. We thought this would be cool say if you use your iphone app and let your kids use your iPad app to access their diary that you look after for them on your account… Both of you can do your thing without holding each other up – just remember to confirm your “saves” .

  1. What if I forget / lose my Device?

    • No worries as far as your data is concerned. All you have to do is download a fresh App and login with the same username and password right to be able to access your Diaries etc. again.

  1. What if I forget my Password?

    • We have a function under “Settings” – to request a new user password that gets sent to your registered email address…

  1. Can I have different Passwords for different Journals and Diaries?

    • Yes. You can protect your “private” diaries or work Journals with a password so that only you have access to them even if you allow other persons (specially, your kids) to use your device and the same app to access other diaries.

    • You’ll have one user password to open up the account and then within the account you have the functions to set up a number of diaries and journals – including “Other” that you get to name specially and use for a specific experience (e.g. running the London marathon) or user (e.g. little Johnny) – each of these diaries can have their own individual passwords.

  1. Does it matter if I let someone else use my Phone?

    • Yes it matters if you have the account open and all your diaries / journals are unsecured – i.e. can be opened without a password.

    • Make sure you protect your private diaries with passwords . Our application is designed for multiple users in the family. So that kids, who don’t have their own devices, can use their parent’s phone and create their own diaries. We hope this will develop their spelling and creative writing skills enormously – as well as retention, observation and expression! :-) Hope that doesn’t sound too much like school!?!

  1. Does it work only in English?

    • No.  English is up first and is the only language for the Free version – but the paid version will support other major languages as well –  though we’ll have to probably roll them out steadily… Watch the news on our Facebook page for this App.

  1. Is there a limit to how many Diaries I can set up?

    • …. Erm, let’s be real accurate and precise here.  Do you mean in total? or in each of the categories of Diary, Journal or Other?  For the first meaning, the free edition limits you to a total of 7 – to be distributed as you want across the different categories.  For the paid version (Only available later in 2014) – there’s many more powerful features and the limit is set to 30 again to be distributed as you want across the categories.

  1. What’s so special about the smiley thingies anyways?

    • They’re a shortcut to the magical world of humans communicating their emotions – but bet you knew that….

    • Our special smileys – play sounds as well! This means they can communicate emotions in at least 2 ways.  They’re special enough to have a patent pending legal type of thing protecting their specialness…

    • But as a user you get to play and enjoy these smileys and hopefully also the many more we’re working on right now.

    • To be honest the sounds for the free version are there to illustrate the concept – the paid version comes over a whole scale smoother.

    • The cool thing is you can playback these smileys so that you hear the “sound of your life” over a given period of time – That’s a real special way to replay the emotions and feelings you’ve been through as you get to reflect on your accomplishments and experiences!

  1. I don’t understand what the all the smiley’s mean, Can you translate?

    • Ok Sorry about that.  Some of our smileys are really brand new and although our graphics team worked hard to make things clear without having to use words – sometime words are just what some folk need.  Here’s a kind of Smileys Dictionary link:

  1. Does it save Automatically?

    • No – sorry about that – the developers just haven’t managed to crack that problem yet.  So until they do – remember to touch up your save icon on the top right hand side of the App screen.  When you’re saved – you get a message that tells you your diary is updated for the day…

  1. Does it log out Automatically?.

    • Do you mean like, you start the App up and then sometime later it just shuts down?  Then you have to start all over?  Answer to that is No, Not exactly.  The account stays logged on – assuming you have an internet connection

  1. Does the App update itself Automatically?

    • No.  You get an indication on the app icon – on your phone screen that tells you that there’s a new build / version (in normal people speak…) that you can activate by downloading the update.

  1. Does it do spellchecking?

    • No. The App doesn’t do spellchecking but you’re phone might…  In the future we could try to do a better job of integrating the two – but no plans just at the moment…

  1. How often will the App be updated?

    • We’re aiming to do a major update for the paid version of the app at least 2 or 3 times a year. We’ll try to keep you informed of the the road map on face book and on the dedicated App website page.  Here’s the link:

  1. How do I report a bug?

    • Cool Attitude!!! :-) Here’s the link:

  1. Can I delete a Diary that I set up?

    • In the Free version – no. But in the paid version it can be deleted from your account – if you really really want to delete it…

  1. Can I cancel my account and get my money back?

    • Obviously this answer only applies to the paid version…  The answer is, no, sorry the App market doesn’t work like that.  We’d be disappointed you don’t find any value at all to the App and maybe you can tell us what we need to do to improve it… But if you decide it’s not for you – uninstall the App from your phone and don’t take out any further subscriptions for future versions of the App.  If you change your mind – then we can start over from the beginning…

    • For the free version, you just have to un-install the App. But before you do that, we’d appreciate it very much if you reach out to us and tell us why you just have to go and get rid of the this App… Maybe there’s something we can improve…

  1. If this App was a car, which one will it be?

    • Interesting question – maybe we should ask our community of users to make some suggestions…

    • We know we didn’t try to build a Ferrari or Rolls-Royce, (and depending on your phone and data service provider) – you probably can’t disagree! :-)    We’ll update this answer by choosing our favourite suggestion from our user community…

  1. Can I use the App even if I don’t have an Internet connection?

    • No sorry.  Bad move if you want to add some fresh stuff into your diary- without an internet connection you can’t save anything or access stuff that you saved already.

    • BUT – we realise inspiration may strike at any time, including no-internet-available-time, so the developers are trying to get round this problem somehow.  We’ll keep you posted.

  1. Are you going to do some more Apps soon?

    • Well, as well as make Life-Stream the best Diary / Journal App possible, we’d really like to do more Apps.  But we need to get the finances together to do more stuff. So if you or your wealthy aunt & uncle want to sponsor or partly-sponsor our next move then hey, please get in touch! :-)

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