Intro : Life-Stream Journal.


Life-Stream is a Diary / Journal App.

However this is not just a diary / journal thingy – this is tapping into the stream of life!  How does your life sound?  Go ahead and find out!  Write down your daily lyrics – add the beat and compose yourself for the results !!

Whether you’re a journalist, a doctor, a baker, a nanny or a night-nurse – those notes, briefs, thoughts, questions, meeting minutes, plans, reflections, agendas, check-lists and shopping lists, need to go somewhere.  More importantly you need to be able to search for and find all those snippets, numbers and key details.  Using our Journal App on your smart device really makes this as easy as tra-la-la!

Jobs done, to be done, should be done – we have ideas and thoughts that need to be tracked and marked off – Use this App to create a song-sheet of progress.  Be your own Choir master!

The Party’s just getting started and we have a truckload of features, (check them out…) and forthcoming ideas to make this a log worth keeping !

Read more about the inspiration behind the app…

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