Welcome to Sure-Sugar.com!  This is the website for Sure-Sugar Ltd; a privately held UK company based in London.

Our mission is to create, (and help create), products and services that appeal to people and introduce innovations that makes life better!  As challenging as this may be, (given how mature the Design industry is, how global and how filled with talent it is), we find it invigorating!  If it wasn’t challenging – then it wouldn’t be so worthwhile!

About us

At Sure-Sugar.com we are excited by working on and developing solutions to make everyday life easier for all members of society.

Often we rely on insights that are inspired by the smallest of details – but, by being nurtured, developed and nourished the Sure-Sugar way, we can turn these insights into ground-breaking and innovative products and / or services that are useful, efficient and enjoyable to use.

Most of our work is in-house – but we welcome the opportunity to put our skills and experience to work for you! This applies whether you’re an individual setting up a start-up company or a multi-national with specific and unique challenges in the design and innovation supply-chain and integration domains.

Please get in touch and let us know how we may help you!

Our philosophy

We believe in dreaming and in turning dreams into reality.  At Sure-Sugar.com we’re inspired by a quote from the Nobel prize winning poet; G.B. Shaw:

“You may look at things that are and ask why?  I dream of things that never were and ask why not!?”

We feel it perfectly summarizes our philosophy and attitude at Sure-Sugar.com  Join us!!